Sunday, June 10, 2012

Baseball Statistics Data Model

A few months ago I was working in a sports portal project. As a database developer, my first task was designing data model for Baseball sports. I am living in Bangladesh where I have not ever played the game. Even I did not watch the game in television let alone my knowledge on game rules and statistics. But I have to solve the task.
So what I did I read the following two links :-
Baseball Rules
Baseball Statistics

These two links help to gather knowledge on the game. But theoretical knowledge was not enough for me and as I am a sports lover from my childhood, I collect the game BASEBALL 2005 by EA Sports. Playing the game I got myself interested in Baseball and also I got the knowledge about it.
Finally, I designed the data model for the development team which I added here below:-

I designed the data model in 3 layers-
1. Common Layer : 
This layer was designed to support player profile entry, player roster management, teams, stadium. It was named Common as we planned to re-use this part for other games also. The tables are  - Players
- Team_Rosters
- Season
- Roster_details
- Team
- Stadium
- Position
- Game
- Game_Roster
2. Game Layer:
This layer was designed specifically to support Baseball game. Tables are
- Half_innings
- Batter_at_bat
- Pitcher
- Plate_outcome
- Plate_outcome_types
- Picher_statistics_at_half_innigs
- Batter_statistics_at_half_innigs
3. Statistics Layer:
This layer was designed to summarize the game layer's data to display the statistics.Tables are

The rest of the logic was written in application layer.

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